Should You Purchase A Vehicle With Preinstalled Apple CarPlay On Its Factory Radio?

Posted on: 10 September 2021

In decades past, there were three main factors that motorists would prioritize when shopping for a new car — fuel efficiency, horsepower, and budget. And while these aspects are still important to date, the needs of motorists have changed over the years. In the current times, some individuals are just as interested in the technology that a car offers as they are in its engine and its price tag.

So it is unsurprising that more and more newly manufactured vehicles are coming with Apple CarPlay. The main selling point of this feature is that it allows you to do everything you can on your phone right from your vehicle when you are driving. But is this a necessary upgrade? Keep reading for a few things to note so that you can determine if you should purchase a vehicle with preinstalled Apple CarPlay on its factory radio.

This system is multifunctional

If you dislike driving long distances because you do not like the boredom that comes with merely listening to songs on the radio throughout the entire time you are on the road, you should consider buying a car with an Apple CarPlay system on its factory radio. What you may not be aware of regarding this system is that it works as a digital co-pilot for you in several ways.

Firstly, you can use this system to access directions from online map services while also reaching out to loved ones via text or voice calls when you need to. Additionally, you can utilize your phone voice assistant to access features in this system so you do not need to press any buttons whenever you need to turn on a particular app. Lastly, this system is compatible with a host of third-party apps ranging from music apps to podcast apps and many more.

This system is user-friendly

If the car you have been driving is not Bluetooth enabled, you are probably highly familiar with the inconvenience of having to connect an aux cord to your phone that is outfitted with a head jack for you to listen to music. But as the times change, so has the design of smartphones, and now more and more manufacturers are eliminating the head jack. Hence, when you upgrade, you will not be able to access the music on your phone through your car.

If you would like to get rid of the hassle of having to fumble with cords each time you want to link your phone's music to your vehicle, you should opt for Apple CarPlay on the factory radio. Not only will you now be capable of connecting to the system via Bluetooth but passengers in your car can do so when authorized, which will make road trips all the more enjoyable.

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