Interior Automotive Detailing Strategies

Posted on: 10 December 2020

If the interior of your vehicle is becoming dirty and grimy from muddy footwear, food, and beverages, then read on to learn how you can detail your car on your day off. Use some detailing strategies that will eliminate dirty and greasy residue and use some accessories to maintain your vehicle's driver and passenger areas.

Dust and Mud Removal

Remove loose items from your vehicle and air out your car. Use a foam-tipped brush or one with nylon bristles to clean the vent openings, door fixtures, and crevices within the car's console or dashboard.

Rent a wet/dry portable vacuum unit and add an upholstery or carpet cleaner to it. The unit will administer a mixture of the cleaner and water and will suction dirt that is embedded deep in the upholstery or floorboards. During the use of this type of equipment, musty odors will be eliminated.

Once the upholstery is dry, clean the floor mats and replace them or invest in disposable mats that can be used solely when you will be transporting others. Disposable mats can be used on a weekly basis and thrown away at the end of the week, which will allow you to keep your car mats clean.

Other Ways to Keep Your Car Clean

Use a degreasing agent to remove smudges from the interior wall panels, vinyl surfaces, and dashboard. When cleaning the interior windows, slightly lower the windows and use a microfiber cloth to grip the top of each glass pane as you move the cloth slowly across the width of each pane.

Paper or plastic liners can be used to preserve the cleanliness of cup holders or side trays that your passengers may ask to use while sitting in the backseats.

For the front of your vehicle, you can use a cereal canister or another small container as a trash holder. Stabilize the container, by using a velcro kit that contains dual pieces that have a sticky adhesive on the back of them. Secure one strip of velcro to the flooring that separates the driver's seat from the front passenger seat. Secure another strip of velcro to the bottom of the container that will be used as a mini trashcan. Secure the container to the strip of velcro that is attached to the flooring. 

Using a trashcan and plastic liners will keep your car clean. To learn more about car detailing or to hire a professional to do it for you, contact a company like Car Toys.