Correcting Your Myths About Window Tinting

Posted on: 11 June 2019

Tinting your car's windshield can be a fairly basic upgrade that can provide you with some useful benefits. Commonly shared myths about windshield tints can be highly misleading to individuals that are needing to make a decision about tinting their car's windshield.

Myth: Window Tinting Always Makes A Vehicle Unsafe

A belief that can be highly discouraging for those considering tinting their windshield will be the assumption that this will make the car far less safe to drive. While it is true that an excessively dark tint can make it harder to see, this is not the case for a tint that is correctly done. By using a professional windshield tinting service, you can ensure that your car's tint will be the right balance between being dark while also still allowing you to easily see.

Myth: It Is Time-Consuming To Have Windows Tinted

Having your windshield professionally tinted is a quick process. For most individuals, it will be possible for the work of tinting a car's windshield to be completed within a few minutes. Although, a couple of hours may be needed for the tint to cure. As a result, it can be easy for individuals to arrange for this work to be done to their vehicle on their day off or at other convenient times.

Myth: Windshield Wipers Will Strip Away The Tint

You might assume that the windshield wipers will be a major source of wear to a tinted windshield. However, this is not a problem due to the tint being applied to the interior side of the glass. In addition to protecting the tint against the windshield wipers, this also ensures that the tint is protected against the full range of weather conditions that the exterior of the car will encounter. Due to the tint being on the interior side of the glass, you must take care when cleaning the glass to avoid getting it excessively wet as this could cause the tinted film to bubble.

Myth: Changing The Windshield Tint Will Be Difficult

Whether it is due to a desire to have the tint removed or to simply change its color or darkness, it is fairly easy to remove and replace an existing window tint. During this process, a technician will apply an adhesive solvent that will allow for the tint to be easily peeled off the glass. Once this step is done, the new tint can easily be put into place. This entire process should not take much longer than the original process of applying the tint.

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