3 Bolt-On Modifications That Will Turn Your Diesel Truck Into A Torque Monster

Posted on: 21 June 2018

You don't have to be a master mechanic to get huge torque gains out of your turbocharged diesel truck. In fact, you don't have to open up the engine at all. All you have to do is bolt on some aftermarket intake and exhaust components, hook up an ECU tuner, and your engine's performance will be completely transformed.

1. Performance Exhaust System

Start by swapping out your stock exhaust downpipes with a performance unit. Performance downpipes have a wider diameter than your stock unit, which allows exhaust gasses to flow more easily out of your engine and turbocharger. A freer-flowing exhaust will be especially important later on when you turn up your turbo's boost with an ECU tuner.

Compliment your performance downpipes with a pair of high-flow catalytic converters and a performance cat-back exhaust. That will maximize your engine's exhaust flow and give it a very mean sound when you accelerate.

2. Performance Intake System

Now that you have your exhaust system flowing properly, it's time to open up the intake side of your engine. Just like performance exhaust systems, performance intakes use wide-diameter piping to maximize airflow into your turbocharger and engine. They also use higher-flowing air filters than your stock intake box to minimize air restriction.

When combined with a complete aftermarket exhaust kit, a performance air intake will give your truck some decent torque gains. However, the real power comes from tuning your engine. 

3. ECU Autocal Tuner

The great thing about turbocharged diesel engines is that manufacturers generally leave a lot of power on the table. They tune the turbocharger's boost curve to be as linear as possible for smooth acceleration and maximum fuel economy. In doing so, they end up dialing back the engine's torque output, especially in the midrange of its rpm band.

An ECU Autocal tuner lets you turn up the boost of your turbo for huge torque gains. It also remaps your fuel injection system to compensate for the huge increase in airflow. Additionally, your stock ECU is tuned to work optimally with your stock intake and exhaust. With an aftermarket Autocal tuner, you can program your ECU to fully take advantage of your aftermarket intake and exhaust system for even more power. 

When properly tuned, your modified engine will run as smoothly and reliably as it did in its stock form. However, you'll get huge midrange torque gains and higher peak horsepower for drastically improved acceleration and towing capability. You'll also get a mean, addictive exhaust and engine note every time you stomp the accelerator to the floor.

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