Tips for Buying Light Accessories for Your Truck

Posted on: 3 February 2017

If you like to go hunting and camping, or you use your truck for work, it can be extremely useful to have powerful lights mounted on the top of the cabin. For those that are wanting to make this upgrade to their truck, there are several tips that should be considered. 

Have The Trucks Electrical System Tested

Before you have lights installed, you should take your truck to an experienced mechanic and have the electrical system tested. These lights can require a tremendous amount of power, and if the wiring in the truck is not able to handle this demand, it can lead to serious damage occurring or a fire starting. When it is found that your current wiring can not accommodate the lights, you will need to have a special electrical line installed that will be responsible for powering the lights. This will avoid the need to upgrade the entire electrical system, but you may also need to invest in a stronger alternator. By having these tests performed, you will understand the exact changes that are needed for your truck before you commit to buying these lights.

Keep The Lights Clean

Over time, your truck lights can accumulate large amounts of dirt and dust, which can severely degrade the performance of the lights. However, this can also potentially cause damage to the lights. It can be possible for the dirt to get compacted into the electrical connections for the lights, which can disrupt the flow of power to them. For these reasons, you should wash the lights every few weeks. When washing the lights, make sure to use a gentle cleaning agent because harsh ones can discolor the light or warp the protective face. You will want to ensure that you use an extremely soft cloth when cleaning these lights to minimize the risk of scratching the faceplate as this can decrease the effectiveness of the light.

Replace Cracked Faceplates

Debris from the road can strike the faceplate to the lights with tremendous force. Not surprisingly, this can result in cracks forming. Unfortunately, these cracks can lead to the light suffering severe damage as moisture will be able to seep through these cracks. Once one of these cracks forms, it will not be practical to repair it, which means that replacing it will be the only option. To help minimize the inconvenience of repairing this type of routine problem, you should keep several spare faceplates available. This will allow you to simply remove the damaged faceplate and replace it with a new one.

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