Exposing Common Window Tinting Myths

Posted on: 5 December 2014

Tinting your car's windows can significantly improve your comfort while driving, and this is especially true for those with extremely light sensitive eyes. These tints are nothing new, and it is not unusual for individuals to see multiple cars with tinted windows on a daily basis. Despite this prevalence, there are many myths circulating about tinted windows that should be debunked:

Myth: You Can Add A Second Layer Of Film To Increase The Darkness Of The Tint

If you have never had your windows tinted, you may not fully understand what the tint will look like after it has been applied. Sadly, this may mean that the tint is not as dark as you need, and this can lead you to have to get the tint reapplied. 

Yet, many people are under the belief that in order to darken the tint, another tinted film is placed on top of the existing film. While it is true that this would greatly enhance the darkness of the tint, it can also cause air pockets and peeling to damage the films. As a result of these problems, you will need to have the existing tint removed and a new one installed if you are wanting to further darken the windows. 

Myth: Water Pockets Always Mean The Tint Was Incorrectly Applied

Air pockets can be a sign that your tint is about to start peeling off of the glass. However, these pockets are not always a sign of imminent problems or faulty work. For example, it is not uncommon for these pockets to form when the tint has just been applied or during periods of unusually heavy rainfall. 

These pockets occur because water is able to seep through the tint, and if it pools on the glass, it can lead to the formation of these pockets. Luckily, this problem will usually correct itself with a little time. Eventually, the moisture in the pocket will evaporate, and this will allow the pocket to dissipate. Yet, if you notice pockets that never go away, you should take your car to a window tinting professional to have the film reapplied before it starts to peel. 

Having a car's windows tinted is a routine task that is done by millions of people every year. However, if you have never had this modification done to a car, you might believe a couple of misleading myths, and after dispelling these ideas about window tinting, you can help ensure that you get the most from your tinted windows.